The sequin of fairytales. Pleiades made of stone in Florina.
A traditional hospitable village made in its entirely of stone
and traditional materials.

A journey through time. Lost in an era of pureness, innocence, tradition,
hospitality. A group of detached houses made of stone, near the center
of spectacular Florina is the key to relaxation and enjoyment.

The exquisite location of Pleiades, at the foothill of a mountain area,
provides the unique privilege of a grand and enchanting view to the village
valley of Florina and the adored Kaimaktsalan.

  • Τhe stone guest rooms of Pleiades combine traditional aesthetics
    with luxury and simplicity. The inspired metallic constructions, the
    furniture, crafted individually by wood and metal, the wooden fireplaces,
    the hand-knitten curtains and bed covers, the soft colours
    that completely merge with the raw materials of the environment
    and endow houses with the virtue of harmony.

    Pleiades are comprised of double bed rooms, family suites, a superior suite
    and a hospitable space for people with disabilities. Each one is created
    with great care and attention.

    Art and decoration is creating a particular aura.Each house is named after one Pleiad
    and is hosting a piece of art made by the painter Litsa Papadimitriou.

  • Double Bed Rooms

    Family Suites

    Superior Suite


In a lovely place, with breathtaking view, Mrs Helen prepares traditional
and not only recipes with pure materials and seasonal products. We solely
trust local producers for the supply of meat, dairy property, fruits and vegetables
with the virtue of harmony.

That allow us create dreamy flavors, which you can combine with selected labels from
greek and foreign vineyard. Our cellar, will initiate you to the magic world of wine.

Our breakfast, deserves a special mention.The traditional pies, sweet and savory,
is one ofour highlights. The homemade jams, the fresh yeasty bread and cakes
are only some of the options that you have for the perfect start to your day.

  • Florina is known for their natural beauty, the fresh air, the traditional buildings,
    the hospitality and the history of it's people. The city is dated back since 10.000 B.C.
    with the ancient name Ligistis. The rich byzantine history and and the enchanting
    myths of the location introduce visitors to the magical aura of the place.

    Ideal destination throughout the duration of time but especially famed for the winter,
    due to the low temperatures and the snowy scenery, Florina is the ideal place for the
    period of winter. The city still runs the traditional event of "Flames" every 23rd of December
    while it attracts many ski fans because of the well-organised ski resorts.

  • Combine your holiday in Florina with a memorable experience.

    Visit Prespa, known for its natural beauty, biodiversity and wildlife, the famous
    events in August, which attract tourism and is arguably the first destination of visitors.
    The area is rich in historical and religious monuments.The islet of
    St. Achilles is also located in Prespa, where the namesake church, one of
    the best preserved examples of Byzantine church architecture.

    At the same time, Νymfaio, one of the best traditional settlements in Greece,
    with its unique architecture, is in constant development.A great spot.

  • A few kilometers from the town of Florina , at an altitude of 1600-1900 meters,
    is the ski resort Vigla/ Pisoderi,one of the best ski centers in Greece.
    The ten ski slopes , annually attract thousands ski lovers.

    It is worth visiting the Archaeological Museum of Florina, the Museum of
    Contemporary Art, the environmental center Αrcturos to find out about its
    actions and the protection of bears and wolves.

  • Also, a tour through the wineries of our county, to taste award winning
    white and red wines and the famous rosé champagne is an ideal excursion
    during your stay in Florina.While, the gastronomic interest area not smaller than the tourist.
    Ampitude options, multitude of flavors, unrivaled quality.

    Finally, do not miss Magio, a space that combines images and materials
    from the past decades with pictures of today.Homemade sweets, like cream royal,
    with hidden secret ingredients, homemade cherry juice, amazing cocktails.


During summer,the  outdoor pool is the best choice for swimming
and sunbathing in Florina. With great dimensions (18X10m),
comfortable sunbeds, high quality services and clean establishments,
it is considered to be the best option for a “down town” escape.

Aldebaran Pool Bar,situated by the pool has become one of the favorite
summer meeting points,not only as a place to take their coffee but also
as the ideal choice for their lunch break, since it serves delicious salads
and snacks in a refreshing environment.Apart from fresh fruits and alcohol
free cocktails, Aldebaran Pool Bar also offers a variety of Smoothies,
made of healthy ingredients.

The Pool operates daily from 10:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.


The hotel's cozy setting provides the ideal backdrop for a variety
of celebrations, including holiday celebrations, weddings, gala dinners,
reunions, birthdays and baby showers. Our unwavering attention to detail
ensures that any event into a truly unforgettable experience.
And that's a promise we are honour bound to keep.

For any further information,please contact us.

Pleiades, from the start, contributed to the information
and quality entertainment. Theatrical performances,
concerts from the greek and international music scene,theme nights.

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53 100 Florina Greece
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